Beachwaves and Braids

I’ve been slacking on posting for quite some time now (travelling and busy with work), but since I have an upcoming beachwaves and braids class I though it was appropriate to get back into action!

My color was done about 3 months ago by my wonderful coworker (and old assistant) @balayagebybritt. We only did a partial foil; meaning just across my partline and hairline (nothing underneath). Ten months ago my other coworker Ashley did a FULL head of babylights, both times we toned with Redken shades eq 09P + 09V + clear. That means the color on the ends of my hair is from 10 months ago! The only reason why my hair has been able to stay this ashy/cool is because I am diligent with my purple shampoo. I’ve posted before about the brand I love, Milkshake. They recently came out with a new scent and bottle:

I always make sure to saturate my hair completely, and leave it on for 5 minutes. I do this twice a week because I want my hair silvery and super ashy. I usually tell my clients to do it once a week! I also make sure to do Olaplex treatments, or other conditioning treatments frequently to keep my hair healthy and soft!

In my beachwaves and braids class I teach everyone how to do these messy textured beachywaves using a 1.25 inch curling iron. I then show everyone how to do a dutch braid! Once you’ve mastered the dutch braid you can turn it into many different styles. The KimK braids, coachella styles, crown braids etc., pretty much anything! Practice makes perfect 🙂 If you are interested in the class please email me at


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