Hairline Painting

Hairline painting is now becoming on of my absolute favourite techniques to incorporate into my blonding services! I found myself struggling to foil those annoying baby hairs, or spending so much time trying to keep the foils close to the scalp without slipping. I was becoming frustrated and thought, “there has to be a better way!” I recently taught this technique at my ‘Paint by Numbers” color class at Foundations Salon Academy in Courtenay B.C., and I am loving seeing how everyone is incorporating this technique into their services daily! One of my tips is to mix a bit of clay based lightener into the lightener to make it thicker, and prevent bleeding! My favourite right now is Wella Freelights, mixed with 30vol. Give it a shot! And make sure to #tressesbytress on your photos so I can see everyones work! Happy painting!

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