Purple Shampoo’s

Now I’ve been using purple shampoo for as long as I have been blonde. I have talked about it many times on my site, as well as my instagram. Milkshake silver shampoo is what I always recommend, and what we sell at the salon. Then came WATERCOLORS shampoo. Tressa, a hair product brand, (I know, quite the coincidence) sent me a package of these magical shampoo’s to try out! They come in; purple, blue, teal, green, red, pink and silver. I tried silver in my hair and OMG, it worked SO well. It turned my slightly yellow blonde into the most ashy silver tone! The pigment on these shampoo’s are insane! Plus they made my hair feel so soft. I decided to experiment with the purple next. Now, I personally like COOL toned purples, not WARM (warm contains lots of pinkish hues). The Watercolors purple made my hair a very warm purple, so I mixed it with silver to dilute it, and make it a bit cooler!

The next shampoo I discovered was Viral Color Wash. Cosmoprof was kind enough to send me a package of goodies, one of them being a shampoo in the color “pastel lavendar”. I tried it on it’s own, and it was a very COOL purple, almost blue.

I decided to mix all THREE of these shampoos, to get a very cool toned diluted lavendar color!

  1. Watercolors Silver
  2. Watercolors Purple
  3. Viral Colorwash Pastel Lavendar

This was my result!

Im really happy with the result! It’s nice to be able to change my hair color so easily. The next step however, is seeing how it fades out when I’m ready to be a blonde again!



  1. I’m curious how they worked out for maintenance. Would you pick one brand over the other for overall health if your hair and quality of the product?

    1. Purple shampoo’s can be drying. So I usually follow up with a really good moisturizing conditioner afterwards. I love milkshake purple shampoo as a blonde maintenance shampoo. The other watercolors and viral ones are to actually create fashion colors with!

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