At the beginning of 2019, Foil me Foils and myself did a collaboration on a set of designer foils called “The Tressa”. As the Canadian ambassador for this one of a kind foil company, I am here to help you with any questions you might have about the products!


  • Saves you time, our signature embossing prevents slipping and assists with quicker processing time. 

  • Convenient, the ’tissue-box’ design that suits any salon décor.

  • Symbolic, periwinkle is a pale indigo colour that is actually named after flower; representing femininity and nature. It is blue with shades of purple and sits between the two on the colour wheel thus it represents serenity, calmness, winter and ice. It can also symbolise blossoming friendships, sentimental memories, and everlasting love. Don’t be surprised if you take trips down memory lane or you feel a sense of calm with your guests whilst foiling with these.

  • Elegant, a sleek and luxurious design that suits any salon décor.

  • Choice, three sizes for a variety of application techniques.

  • Environmental, our foils and packaging are 100% recyclable AND they are made from a percentage of recycled aluminium like all foils.

They come in both WIDE and EXTRA WIDE

Shop at Westcoast Beauty (Canada) here:

Or directly through Foilme here:

Hairline Painting

Hairline painting is now becoming on of my absolute favourite techniques to incorporate into my blonding services! I found myself struggling to foil those annoying baby hairs, or spending so much time trying to keep the foils close to the scalp without slipping. I was becoming frustrated and thought, “there has to be a better way!” I recently taught this technique at my ‘Paint by Numbers” color class at Foundations Salon Academy in Courtenay B.C., and I am loving seeing how everyone is incorporating this technique into their services daily! One of my tips is to mix a bit of clay based lightener into the lightener to make it thicker, and prevent bleeding! My favourite right now is Wella Freelights, mixed with 30vol. Give it a shot! And make sure to #tressesbytress on your photos so I can see everyones work! Happy painting!

Purple Shampoo’s

Now I’ve been using purple shampoo for as long as I have been blonde. I have talked about it many times on my site, as well as my instagram. Milkshake silver shampoo is what I always recommend, and what we sell at the salon. Then came WATERCOLORS shampoo. Tressa, a hair product brand, (I know, quite the coincidence) sent me a package of these magical shampoo’s to try out! They come in; purple, blue, teal, green, red, pink and silver. I tried silver in my hair and OMG, it worked SO well. It turned my slightly yellow blonde into the most ashy silver tone! The pigment on these shampoo’s are insane! Plus they made my hair feel so soft. I decided to experiment with the purple next. Now, I personally like COOL toned purples, not WARM (warm contains lots of pinkish hues). The Watercolors purple made my hair a very warm purple, so I mixed it with silver to dilute it, and make it a bit cooler!

The next shampoo I discovered was Viral Color Wash. Cosmoprof was kind enough to send me a package of goodies, one of them being a shampoo in the color “pastel lavendar”. I tried it on it’s own, and it was a very COOL purple, almost blue.

I decided to mix all THREE of these shampoos, to get a very cool toned diluted lavendar color!

  1. Watercolors Silver
  2. Watercolors Purple
  3. Viral Colorwash Pastel Lavendar

This was my result!

Im really happy with the result! It’s nice to be able to change my hair color so easily. The next step however, is seeing how it fades out when I’m ready to be a blonde again!



I’ve been loving using pulpriot color these days. I seem to be throwing some into a lot of my blonde clients hair! Lilac is the most popular (because it’s less of a commitment than other colors, and lets my platinum blonde clients stay platinum once it fades). Pale purple is usually my favourite color to do on myself! This time I tried something a little bit different. I mixed lilac and powder, and diluted a bit with olaplex! I love the turn out! I called this color periwinkle 🙂

As it’s fading however, I’m seeing more blue and greyish tones in it. Next time I might stick with just lilac! Ill post below another fun color I did using pulpriot.



For the blue I used a mix of nightfall and noir. I Just love all these fun fashion colors lately! Such a nice change from platinum blonde all the time! (Except, one of my platinum blondes landed me a nomination to the behind the chair one shot awards in Austin on August 20-22, which I am super excited about!)   <- Click here to vote!

If you haven’t voted already, I’m #12 in the Platinum section!

Beachwaves and Braids

I’ve been slacking on posting for quite some time now (travelling and busy with work), but since I have an upcoming beachwaves and braids class I though it was appropriate to get back into action!

My color was done about 3 months ago by my wonderful coworker (and old assistant) @balayagebybritt. We only did a partial foil; meaning just across my partline and hairline (nothing underneath). Ten months ago my other coworker Ashley did a FULL head of babylights, both times we toned with Redken shades eq 09P + 09V + clear. That means the color on the ends of my hair is from 10 months ago! The only reason why my hair has been able to stay this ashy/cool is because I am diligent with my purple shampoo. I’ve posted before about the brand I love, Milkshake. They recently came out with a new scent and bottle:

I always make sure to saturate my hair completely, and leave it on for 5 minutes. I do this twice a week because I want my hair silvery and super ashy. I usually tell my clients to do it once a week! I also make sure to do Olaplex treatments, or other conditioning treatments frequently to keep my hair healthy and soft!

In my beachwaves and braids class I teach everyone how to do these messy textured beachywaves using a 1.25 inch curling iron. I then show everyone how to do a dutch braid! Once you’ve mastered the dutch braid you can turn it into many different styles. The KimK braids, coachella styles, crown braids etc., pretty much anything! Practice makes perfect 🙂 If you are interested in the class please email me at


Frozen Blondes

I’m back! After a crazy trip to Nicaragua, and the busy holiday season, I’ll hopefully be back on the site here posting more (*new years resolution #1*). I have also lacked in the posting department because I have been trying to give my hair a break from styling/products/coloring. I think I have decided to do something a little more natural and let my hair get healthy and long! On the contrary, it seems like I have been blonding up everyone in Victoria.

My absolute favourite blonde toner formula right now is Redken Shades eq 09V and 09P. Everyone in my salon is now hooked on this toner, as it creates the best white blondes. I change the portions of 09V, 09P and clear depending on how the hair lifts. On pale yellow blondes I use; 1 part 09P, 1 part 09V, and 2 parts clear (then processing solution). If the hair has more warmth in it I will use: 1 part 09V, 1 part 09P, and 1 part clear. Here are some of the blondes from the past couple weeks using these formulas for toners!


How unreal are these blondes!? I always have blonde envy when my clients leave. Try out this toner and let me know if you like it! Tag me in your instagram post @tressesbytress !

Platinum Blonde Balayage


Today was such a fun day! I hadn’t seen my girlfriend in a long time (she was one of my OG clients when I was FIRST out of school) so I was super excited to make her a unicorn!!!

I used Blondor and 30vol with ULTRABOND SEAL step 1 (which I am currently falling in LOVE with). I never have to panic about lifting my clients hair and it breaking off. It’s working wonders! Thank you so much!

After she processed I used Milkshake purple shampoo and let it sit on her hair for about 5 minutes to cool down some of the warmth, then I toned her with 1/3 09V, 1/3 09P, 1/3 clear in Redken Shades eq… and voila!!! ICY BLONDE!


My Little Pony

So I did it again… The ‘lilac’ Joico color had faded out of my hair, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. This time I did a color melt of Joico confetti ‘lilac’ into ‘rose’! I’m so in love, it’s awesome! I have never done pink before, only variations of purple tones, but I think I’m hooked!


*side note* I apologize for the quality of the photo, my Sony camera is getting fixed right now so I am left with iphone pictures but you get the idea!!

*update* (I have been informed that the photos are sideways on a cellphone, but on a computer they are upright)

I also decided to throw in a little fishtail braid to show off the colors. My natural color looks so ashy! I love it!


My ends were a little muddy from the previous two rounds of purple I did, so in order to get the brightness of the pink I had to balayage my hair (in my bathroom hah).

Here’s how I did it!:

1: Backcomb and balayage large sections of hair, and saturate with BlondeMe + 20vol and 1/4 oz Amika Virgin

2: Balayage hairline with same formula. Lift to platinum/pale yellow

3: Shampoo, then saturate with Amika Virgin step 2 and let sit for 5 mins. Rinse and condition. Blow dry.

4: Mix Joico confetti ‘lilac’ with a pinch of ‘amethyst purple’, and saturate roots to mids. Occasionally pull a piece of purple all the way down.

5: Cover ends and rest of hair with Joico confetti ‘rose’, making sure to blend the two colors together. Process 15 mins and wash out!

Now this is the first time I tried Virgin, by Amika (like olaplex)… and well, my hair didn’t fall off! I really like it, and it smells like the rest of their products which are to die for. Usually my hair is pretty fried after bleaching but not this time! I had BlondeMe by schwartzkopf on my ends (which are already pretty damaged) and they lifted to platinum and felt fine… I would call that a WIN! (Not a win however, is the sparkles that are LITERALLY EVERYWHERE). Joico confetti colors are filled with sparkles which is cute initially, until you shower the color out, and your entire body is covered in sparkles, your towels, your pillows, the couch, your sweaters… basically anything you come in contact with… *face palm*.

I would definitely do this at work next time and make someone shampoo it out in a sink. A waterfall of sparkles down my body in my shower was a bad call. Literally my little pony over here.

Here’s a client I did the day after at work!! On her we used ‘lilac’ with a pinch of ‘indigo’ and ‘clear’ onto already platinum blonde hair.


I love doing braids with fashion colors, so here I did a pull through braid.


Behind the scenes look !


ALSO! Don’t forget to register for my “Paint by Numbers” balayage and hair color class on January 15th!! Click menu and classes above to register!