Lavendar Love

The purple hair color I recently did lasted only about 6 weeks. It was a silverly blonde with some left over purple/pink hues!

Today after work I decided to play around with the new Joico pastel colors!!! (Well, actually while my client was processing… I smudged some of the purple in and decided I would do more of it later). The joico pastel colors are awesome, and get this, they are SPARKLY! That’s right, the colors are FILLED with sparkles! I feel like my pillow case will be a sparkly mess tomorrow morning. Im into it. The colors remind me of my little pony. Here they are:


I tested a strand of the “sky” color too but didn’t like it. It would be pretty if it was mixed with “mint” I think, but only if applied to WHITE blonde hair. Sometimes blue or green colors on top of blonde with any remaining warmth (yellow tones) makes a nasty color. I’m kind of obsessing over the pastel color of my hair right now! Check it out! I used “lilac” and “rose”.



I LOVE pastel hair colors with braids. I actually made a “how to” video of this hairstyle, but my camera ran out of memory half way through. Stay tuned!!





    1. I dont remember exactly how much, but I usually use conditioner to do so, and eyeball it. Possibly 50/50?

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