Purple Haze

I recently decided to color my hair PURPLE! It isn’t the first time I have done this, but it is definitely the most purple I have ever done. I tend to get bored of being blonde pretty quick and want to try something different! The awesome thing about these fashion/vivid colors is they are temporary. Depending on how dark or diluted they are, they might last anywhere from a few weeks to several!

I used joico intensity colors in ‘Indigo’ mixed with ‘Titanium’, and diluted with conditioner. Joico makes a ‘clear’ for diluting darker colors, but I often used conditioner! If you are interested in doing a fun color like this, ask for a very pastel version which will only last 4/5 washes! The best part about these colors is each time you wash your hair, it is a new color!

I always tell my clients to wash their hair in COLD water. Hot water lets the color rinse out of your hair faster, so if you are trying to make your vivid color last longer, always use cold water!



I decided to have a little fun and do some pigtail buns!!



After this color fades what color should I do next ?!

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