Frozen Blondes

I’m back! After a crazy trip to Nicaragua, and the busy holiday season, I’ll hopefully be back on the site here posting more (*new years resolution #1*). I have also lacked in the posting department because I have been trying to give my hair a break from styling/products/coloring. I think I have decided to do something a little more natural and let my hair get healthy and long! On the contrary, it seems like I have been blonding up everyone in Victoria.

My absolute favourite blonde toner formula right now is Redken Shades eq 09V and 09P. Everyone in my salon is now hooked on this toner, as it creates the best white blondes. I change the portions of 09V, 09P and clear depending on how the hair lifts. On pale yellow blondes I use; 1 part 09P, 1 part 09V, and 2 parts clear (then processing solution). If the hair has more warmth in it I will use: 1 part 09V, 1 part 09P, and 1 part clear. Here are some of the blondes from the past couple weeks using these formulas for toners!


How unreal are these blondes!? I always have blonde envy when my clients leave. Try out this toner and let me know if you like it! Tag me in your instagram post @tressesbytress !

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