Platinum Blonde Balayage


Today was such a fun day! I hadn’t seen my girlfriend in a long time (she was one of my OG clients when I was FIRST out of school) so I was super excited to make her a unicorn!!!

I used Blondor and 30vol with ULTRABOND SEAL step 1 (which I am currently falling in LOVE with). I never have to panic about lifting my clients hair and it breaking off. It’s working wonders! Thank you so much!

After she processed I used Milkshake purple shampoo and let it sit on her hair for about 5 minutes to cool down some of the warmth, then I toned her with 1/3 09V, 1/3 09P, 1/3 clear in Redken Shades eq… and voila!!! ICY BLONDE!


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