Snow White

Finally! It has taken me quite some time to post on my website (I’ve gone travelling to Indonesia and been insanely busy with weddings and work!)

It was a long and torturous 6 months I waited to get my hair done… and the 5 hour process was worth it! My amazing and patient coworker Ashley (who has been doing my color for 4 years) made me into a snow white blonde!


  1. Back to back foils using wella blondor with 10, 20, and 30 vol & olaplex. Lifted to pale yellow.
  2. Rinse and olaplex number 2.
  3. Tone with Redken Shades eq 09V, 09T, 09P, crystal clear and process for 15 mins.


Now I’m not going to lie, my hair took a bit of a beating lifting it this blonde. Thankfully I have olaplex at home, and use the take home treatment (sold for 30$/bottle at kharma) EVERY WEEK. I rarely blow dry my hair, and I use hot tools on it once a week or less.

If you are wanting/expecting a color like this, it isn’t cheap! It’s a long process, and you need to make sure you have the proper take home care to maintain it. PURPLE SHAMPOO is a must…. I prefer milkshake silver shampoo which costs around 25-30$. It is the only one that actually keeps my blondes looking bright and fresh!!!! It is a MUST for all my blonde clients. I usually recommend using it once/week (or every 3rd wash).



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